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This page is dedicated to retailers and other small business owners. Any of our products can be sold wholesale. We also wholesale our products for private and white label orders.

*Required wholesale minimum order is $125*


  • Cement Candle Vessels

  • Coasters

  • Candles

  • The Everything Spray

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To Private Label or White Label

Both are great options. Take a look at the descriptions below to see how Scentual can best work with you.

Private Label

We create an exclusive product for you to sell. All you need to do is add your branding!

Example: We create a one of a kind candle scent for your store's product launch.


White Label

Add your branding to an existing Scentual product to sell in your shop. All you need to do is let us know the product you're interested in ordering!

Example: Choose from one of our 14 candle scents to sell as your own.

Both are good options for you if you DON'T:

- Have the skill set to make the product yourself
- Have the space to store more supplies
- Have the time or money to waste on trial & error

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